Benalla Migrant Camp 1949-1967

Rudolf and Bronislawa Braumberger

BRAUMBERGER Rudolf and Bronislawa

Germany and Poland 1953-1959

Braumberger Story

Eddie Braumberger writes this via email on 13 July 2014:

“My father was Rudolf Braumberger, born in Munchenthal (Muzlowice) in Poland and my mother was Bronislawa Braumberger born in Przybysowka, Rzesow, also in Poland.

They got married in Sokal, Poland in 1938 and their four children Gertruda (Wanda) - born in Cielaszu, Poland in 1939-, Jozef (Joseph) - born Drutte (ex concentration camp) Germany in 1947, Albert – born in Wattenstedt (ex concentration camp) Germany 1948 and finally me, Edward (Eddie) also born in captivity, at Somers Migrant camp, Mornington, Victoria Australia in 1952.

After the war my parents moved through a series of IRO (International Refugee Organisation) camps before migrating to Australia. I believe my family did go to Bonegilla first and then to Somers Camp (possibly 1951/2) where my father worked at the Naval Base at Hastings. My mother and us children were sent to Benalla camp in 1953/4 while my father worked in Melbourne for the MMTB (Melbourne Metropolitan Tramways Board). My mother and the boys left Benalla camp in 1959 to live in Preston. My sister is married and still lives in Benalla.

These are our ship passenger numbers from the Hellenic Prince on which we travelled to Australia in 20th April 1950, arriving in Fremantle:

  • 0537 BRAUMBERGER Albert Germany
  • 0534 BRAUMBERGER Bronislawa Poland
  • 0535 BRAUMBERGER Gertruda Poland
  • 0536 BRAUMBERGER Jozef Germany
  • 0533 BRAUMBERGER Rudolf Poland
Rudolf and Bronislawa BRAUMBERGER
Rudolf and Bronislawa Braumberger - Germany and Poland

Benalla Migrant Camp School Pupil Register

Name Date of Birth Parent Camp Date
Jozef Braumberger Wednesday 8th January 1947 Mr Rudolf 05/02/1957
Albert Braumberger Wednesday 27th October 1948 Mr Rudolf 05/02/1957