Benalla Migrant Camp 1949-1967

Wladyslaw and Janina Janas

JANAS Wladyslaw and Janina

Poland 1950-1952

Janas Story

Wladyslaw and Janina Janas, both from Poland (Rudno and Jankow near Krakow) arrived in Australia on 14th January 1950 with their small daughter Barbara. First they were sent to Bonegilla and then to Rushworth Holding Centre, because presumably, Benalla Migrant Camp was full.

When they finally arrived in Benalla the same year, they stayed until August 1952 (about two years) and their second child, son Peter was born in the camp in March 1951.

The chest was kept all these years Barbara reflects, as a memory piece "Because it held all our family's worldly possessions at one time."

Written down by Sabine Smyth after a phone conversation with Barbara (nee Janas) in late 2012

Wladyslaw and Janina JANAS
Wladyslaw and Janina Janas - Poland