Benalla Migrant Camp 1949-1967




Sent From Denmark via Email Dec 2019 from Margit:

We arrived from Denmark on 12.11.1956 with the ship "Castel Felice" . Sailed from Cuxhaven, Germany to Freemantle Perth and then to Melbourne. Our family: Svend Jørgen Jespersen, born in 1927, Marie Jespersen, born in 1931, Margit Lillian Jespersen, born in1952, Johnny William Jespersen, born in 1956, (all of us born in Denmark).


The 2 first weeks in Australien we lived in Bonegilla Immigrant Camp.


At Benalla my father Svend worked first at the sawmill J.A.Terrett & Co. Ltd., Benalla and later supervising by the Benalla railways, building the new railway in Victoria. My mother Marie Jespersen worked first a few months at Latoof & Callil Ltd., Benalla. Then about 3 years at Renolds Chains Ltd., Benalla.


I, Margit Lillian Jespersen went about 3 years to school in Benalla Immigrant Camp.

My brother Johnny William Jespersen was in the kindergarten in Benalla Immigrant Camp.

We left Australia/Melbourne on 10.03.1960 with the ship "Flamingo". Sailed from Melbourne to Sydney and then to Perth.

Arrived Bremerhaven, Germany and then the train to Denmark.

I am so sorry to read that the Benalla Migrant Camp is closing down now. But I am happy to read the history, things and photos will be sent to the Immigration Museum Melbourne or Museum Victoria. 

Thank you very much for all your done for that the history in Benalla Migrant Camp will be left in the future.

Sorry my english is not so good.

Kind regards from

Margit Jespersen

Jespersen - Denmark