Benalla Migrant Camp 1949-1967

Camp School Pupil Register

Pupil Register

In 2015 one of our volunteers (Anna Castles) typed up the names contained in the Benalla Aerodrome School Register. This allowed us to sort them alphabetically. Yes there are spelling mistakes on occasion. This would most likely have been the result of communication difficulties at the time - plus German and Polish names in particular were difficult to spell for Australians. The original of this document can be viewed at the Public Records Office of Victoria, under the Department of Education files.

Surname Name Date of Birth Parent Camp Date
Theeuwen Johannes Sunday 7th April 1946 Johannes 04/12/1958
Theloy Ingrid Sunday 9th September 1951 Gerhard 23/02/1959
Tiedke Gisella Friday 5th December 1941 Anna 25/10/1954
Tiedke Elli Thursday 15th June 1939 Anna 25/10/1954
Tiedke Horst Sunday 19th September 1948 Anna 25/10/1954
Tiedke Helga Friday 9th February 1945 Anna 25/10/1954
Tiejenbach Gunnar Sunday 10th September 1944 Helga Berlinski 05/06/1951
Tillmanns Jutta Friday 18th January 1952 Mr Ernst 05/02/1957
Tillmans Walter Saturday 21st December 1946 Mr Ernst 05/07/1954
Tobias Margit Friday 12th August 1949 Gertraute 01/02/1955
Todorovic Ziuota Tuesday 5th October 1948 Dusanka 02/02/1954
Todoryovic Helen Monday 26th February 1945 Duianko 02/12/1952
Tokarew Paul Tuesday 20th May 1947 Nora 10/11/1952
Toplek Theresia Friday 5th October 1951 Mr Franjo 20/10/1958
Topor Helena Sunday 22nd June 1947 Kazimierz 12/12/1957
Topor Ludwik Friday 17th May 1946 Kazimierz 12/12/1957
Topor Kristina Tuesday 9th January 1951 Kazimierz 12/12/1957
Tornyanski Momilco Wednesday 13th June 1945 Maria 01/02/1955
Toth Ilona Tuesday 19th November 1946 Edith 13/02/1952
Toth Rudolf Thursday 26th February 1948 Edith 29/06/1953
Touvinen Pirbka Tuesday 31st July 1956 Klaudia 02/05/1963
Trampenau Anita Monday 22nd May 1950 Frieda 29/02/1960
Trampenau Georg Monday 29th October 1951 Frieda 29/02/1960
Trampenau Ingrid Sunday 8th November 1953 Frieda 29/02/1960
Treharne Barbara May Sunday 6th June 1948 Mr J 29/06/1953