Benalla Migrant Camp 1949-1967

Camp School Pupil Register

Pupil Register

In 2015 one of our volunteers (Anna Castles) typed up the names contained in the Benalla Aerodrome School Register. This allowed us to sort them alphabetically. Yes there are spelling mistakes on occasion. This would most likely have been the result of communication difficulties at the time - plus German and Polish names in particular were difficult to spell for Australians. The original of this document can be viewed at the Public Records Office of Victoria, under the Department of Education files.

Surname Name Date of Birth Parent Camp Date
Ikaczuk Stefania Thursday 23rd August 1945 Anna 31/12/1949
Ilic Zoran Thursday 19th October 1950 Predrag 03/08/1961
Ilves Ester Tuesday 16th June 1936 Nadezda 15/02/1950
Ilves Meinhard Tuesday 22nd July 1941 Vadezda 31/12/1949
Indermitte Vivianne Tuesday 18th May 1943 Valentine 28/11/1949
Ingvaldsen Wenche Friday 4th December 1953 Rolf 07/02/1961
Irigaray Urroz Joaquin Wednesday 16th May 1951 Antonia 28/06/1961
Irusis Iruse Inese Thursday 6th August 1942 Jolanta 16/11/1949
Isawdaris Dimitrius Tuesday 21st March 1944 Anastasia 28/02/1950
Isoniemi Johnny Friday 11th November 1949 Taisto 07/02/1961
Isoniemi Marja Thursday 12th June 1952 Taisto 07/02/1961
Isoniemi Hans Sunday 3rd February 1952 Taisto 07/02/1961
Ivchenko Raissa Friday 3rd May 1946 Irena 28/06/1951