Benalla Migrant Camp 1949-1967



Stanimirovitch Story

(emailed to sabine.smyth@gmail from Alex Dupuis (formerly Stanimirovitch 25/4/2020)

Both Michael and Violette Stanimirovitch were prisoners of war.

They applied for refugee Assistance in France, for Australia 8/12/1946.

On 28/10/1950 both were accepted with their 2 children Nanette and Dushan.

Arrived in Australia 1/01/1951 went to Bonegilla for 3 months then to Benalla Migrant Camp were they stayed until 1956 with their 2 children.

Alexandre was born 31/10 1951 and Raymond 1953.

Michael studied to be an artist (in Paris) prior to arriving to Australia.

Michael held a One Man Art Exhibition in Benalla and a prospective customer gentleman said he loved the way he painted, loved his portraits but would not buy one because his name (Stanimirovitch) was too long.

In 1956 family moved to Wangaratta were they lived and children grew up.

Sadly Michael passed away June 1985 and Violette 27th April 2005.